AquaQuad, best 4x4 watercraft

The AquaQuad is able to provide a multifaceted boating experience, whatever your age or background, whether you passion is wake boarding or water skiing, wet and wild wave riding, surf or bass fishing, cruising, snorkeling or just good old fashioned fun in the sun, AquaQuad is for you. Due to the simple design of the AquaQuad and the utilization of standard production outboard engines the AquaQuad is able to meet all new emissions, regulations and environmental requirements without infringing on the economic performance of the craft. With over twenty-one years of engineering experience behind it the AquaQuad is able to ensure our riders a sensational, superior quality product that ensures hours of AquaQuading fun!

This is a made in South Africa Product.

Main Features of an AquaQuad

  • Light weight and light on fuel

  • Can be supplied in Red or Blue, or optionally any other custom colours.

  • Stability, the size and nature of the inflatable pontoons afford the watercraft exceptional stability whether standstill or at speed.

  • Extreme buoyancy and flotation capabilities of the pontoons are further complemented and enhanced by the rigid construction of the glass fibre hull.

  • Safety, the AqaQuads have a lanyard kill switch, warning stickers and can optionally be fitted with a propeller guard.